About Team Chess

Team chess seems to be the most descriptive name of all those that came to mind. Outdoor chess, which focuses more on individuals, has been played for quite a while at schools, holiday resorts and certain shopping centres, but team chess is an innovative, more formal concept that is brought to the ground.

This newer chess format, during which players of two teams compete, has flared up in 2014 and the first official primary schools competition took place at Laerskool Raslouw in Centurion on 24 September 2014. A second primary schools competition was held on 18 April 2015. The arrangements for a high schools competition are in the pipeline.

This chess competition can be summarised according to the following five core concepts:

Chess:  All FIDE chess rules apply.
Climate: The game is played outside using large chess pieces.
Clan:  A minimum of five players per team.
Clock: A time limit will be determined before every competition.
Calmness: No communication (verbal or non-verbal) will be allowed among team members, opponents or spectators.

The general chess format will be as follows:

  • Two teams with a minimum of five players compete. One reserve per team will be allowed.
  • The time limit per team will be determined before every competition. A comfortable time limit is 20 minutes a side.
  • The team members stand behind one another in such a manner that everyone is able to see the chessboard.
  • The front player of the team playing white moves the first chess piece, presses the chess clock and stands in the queue.
  • The front player of the opponents (black pieces) moves next, presses the clock and stands in the queue.
  • The second, third, fourth and fifth players follow the pattern.

With every game official arbiters will be appointed to supervise the following:

  • Correct moves according to FIDE chess rules.
  • No verbal or non-verbal communication.
  • Touching a piece without moving the piece is against the rules.
  • General discipline to be maintained.
  • Winner and loser are officially announced after each game.

Results to be officially recorded in order to ensure fair further play-offs in the championship or plate competition.